Reasons To Send Your Kid To A Kids After-School Enrichment Program

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Children spend most weekdays in school, which in itself can be a busy schedule. However, there may be benefits to additional enrichment programs that take place after the typical school hours of 7:30 - 3:00 p.m. Learn more about why you might want to send your child to an after-school enrichment program. 

Child Care

Most adults work 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. While this allows most parents to tend to their children in the mornings, there's often a gap in between when the children get home from school and when the parents get home from work. An after-school enrichment program offers care during this time. Younger children may not have the ability to care for themselves during this window and a private caretaker costs more than most after-school programs. 


Children will meet other children in the after-school enrichment program. Many times, these will be children they wouldn't normally interact with at school. In some cases, the children may even be from different schools. Children will get the chance to spend time with these new friends and develop social relationships outside of their typical friend group. They will also develop their social skills through the process, which can follow the child into their adult life. 

Educational Opportunities

Many after-school enrichment programs offer academic services, such as tutoring. Only about 10% of children receive intensive tutoring. However, a majority of students can benefit from tutoring programs. For academically advanced students, they may be interested in offering their services as a tutor to gain experience teaching others. Students in similar classes can also use this time to study together informally or get their homework done. 

Extra Curriculars 

Some children prefer to learn new skills independently instead of a formal extracurricular program through the school. Many after-school enrichment programs will allow students to practice new skills, such as sports, art, and music, without judgment. This is perfect for children who don't know what they enjoy yet. They'll be able to try multiple different things before deciding what they want to pursue more formally. In most cases, this will save money compared to children who sign up for a new extracurricular every semester.

You can find after-school programs through most schools and outside programs, depending on your preference. While not an option for all children, all children can get something out of the experience if they actively participate.

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