5 Signs Of A Great Home Daycare

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Home daycares can be great for a child because they can feel more relaxed in a home environment. You might be nervous trying to find the perfect daycare for your child so you can go to work without worry. Here are 5 important signs that you have found a good home daycare.

Drop-ins Encouraged

Find out if the daycare provider is okay with drop-ins or if they discourage you from showing up unannounced. Most will ask you not to show up during naptime, but make sure you're allowed to drop in during other times of the day. It's important to be able to check up on your little ones whenever you feel the need to.

Healthy Eating Habits

If the daycare provides the food, don't be afraid to ask the provider what they feed the kids during the day. The children should be given healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables.Find a daycare that is going to make sure your child is eating healthy while you're at work. You might think this isn't important if you have a baby drinking formula or breast milk, but it's better than transitioning your child to a new daycare once he or she begins to eat solid food because you realize you're unhappy with the meal choices.

Banning Sick Kids

The sick child policy is important when it comes to finding a good daycare.  A daycare that tells you to keep your sick little ones at home is a daycare that cares about the welfare of the children, and it's a great sign that you've found a place you'll be happy with.

Safe Outside Play

Kids need fresh air. A daycare with a safe outside play area is important. Your child shouldn't be stuck in a house all day, every day, while you're at work. Proper daycares will have a fenced in yard for children to play in with toys to keep them occupied. If you have found one with a safe, outdoor play area, add it to your list of possabilities.

Potty Training Help

Ask the daycare provider how they handle potty training if your little one isn't potty trained yet. Once the time comes, it's important to know that you'll have the support of the daycare while you're trying to break the diaper habit. 

Make sure you consider all of these points before choosing a home daycare for your child. Check out places like Mountainside School for more information.