COVID-19 And Childcare: Working From Home With Kids

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With the recent changes brought on by COVID-19, you may be in a bind with finding childcare. Many parents have been asked to work from home, even with childcare facilities being closed or having limited openings. If you are someone who is trying to figure out how to get your kids taken care of so that you can work, here are a few strategies you may want to employ.

Work and Watch

Many employers have set up policies to allow their employees to watch their kids while they work from home. Obviously, you may not be as productive, but some of your work may be worth more than not having you work at all. While these policies may only be available for a short time (while schools and daycares are closed) they may be able to keep your paycheck coming in, while not leaving your job in a bind. 

Babysitters Near You

Even though you cannot hang out with too many people during COVID-19, you may want to find a babysitter who can help you out, and keep them in your circle. You shouldn't have too many people in your home, but if you can get a reoccurring babysitter that you can trust to keep your family safe, it's a good idea. That way if there is an emergency at work where you need to go in, you can have someone to call without having to worry about having a stranger near your kids.

Switch With Friends

If you are working part-time and you have friends who do the same, you could switch childcare between your two families. For example, you could watch your friend's kid while they work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and then they could watch your kids while you work Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Obviously, you would need to align your schedules in order to make this work, but this is also a great way to save some money on childcare. 

In conclusion, while COVID-19 has rocked the world, it does not have to mess up your work. If your employer does not have strategies to allow their employees to watch their kids while they work, there are ways to be creative with child care. Make sure that you check the bylaws of your company to know what your rights are when it comes to childcare. You may also want to check with other daycare services in your area.

For additional tips, reach out to a local child care service